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Aishwarya- An architect

Do you already have a dream? What is your dream? Talk everything about it.

Now, this is a kind of question that scares and excites me at the same time!Scares cause I have so much in mind and excites cause I have SO much in mind! :)I have spent my childhood holidays at my grandfather's placeA 200 + year old mansion locally called " vaada"at the foot of Satpuda Ranges surrounded with orange orchids.As being a single child I always use to find new ways to entertain myself as I had no one to play with. But I never got bored with my company.Cause being a dreamer and creator, I always used to come up with some unusual ideas and games.I actually designed my first ever abode there in our huge backyard with the help of some bricks, utensils, and toys.And I would spend hours playing, dancing, drawing there with our rabbits amidst all the trees and wind and peace.That backyard garden is actually the world of my dreams.It's not my dream house but a dream world, a place where I would love to stay, learn,grow along with othersI strongly believe that we rose from the earth, end into the earth thus should live near the earth.In a world where growth is symbolized by verticality, I tend to grow along with the earth.In the past few years, I've come across so many beliefs, philosophies, practices, teachings, and people who are actually on the mission of creating such a world.Where whatever we take from nature goes back to it, an empathetic and inclusive design of a world. Right from Wabi - Sabi to miyawakiNot to exploit but to respect and coexist with nature.And such a world will create and give birth to so many new ideas, dreams and change the course of destruction that we're on.I truly believe that we need to go back to some practices, techniques teachings to build a new future.And as an architect, I feel blessed and responsible that I have the vision and skill to actually help in creating such a world.

Why 'mountains entrepreneurship' ? Tell us your story!

Right from introducing myself I think that's been common and will be repeated is that I always believed that belongs amidst nature.Be it my grandfather's house at the foot of Satpuda Ranges or be it the forest of Kanha National park.That's where I find myself going back from time to time.And even I shared my secret plan where I end up creating my place in the mountains.There's no single incident but series of incidents that made me believe that yes, I would love to pursue the minimalist mountain lifestyle.During my architectural study tour, we visited Himachal PradeshAnd covered many places in the state.It's really hard to explain how I felt when I realized the change in speed of living, the way of living.It was like I'm on another planet..but still, this felt familiar and the city from where I came felt alien.In my group, I was given the task of studying the topography of the local area in a village near Dharamshala and collect the on-site data through local people.I've always enjoyed this part of my job I got to explore new places locally and meet these native people and listen to their stories.I remember it was the afternoon time of May. Still quite hot for a person to continuously roam around the streets with a backpack and a sketchbook.Down the street, I heard some local music playing. Was curious to see what's happening. I went and saw some local celebration was going on. I continued clicking some photos and observing. An old lady approached me and offered to join the celebration with them. I did join.The whole afternoon I spent with her, celebrating someone's engagement, I ate, talked and then she took me to her house, she was so excited to show me her house and meet her family.She had a beautiful house on the of that mountain. Felt like a scene straight out of a movie.I spent 2 hours at her home just listening to her stories, visiting her house, sipping tea.And while returning I just kept thinking about what just happened. did I meet a stranger just 4 hours before and now I have an essence of her life story with me?I'm going back cause I have to.. what if I didn't?And that's when I asked myself what if I could stay here amidst this nature and people, Living on the edges with open sky, holding a cup of coffee, and listening to many more such stories.And this thought has stuck with me since then2nd is the Highway movie which starred Alia Bhatt.There are many reasons why I love this movie but the most strong is the fact that this is probably the only movie where I relate to the protagonist in every sense.No, I never got kidnapped!But the childhood trauma, frustration, the pressure of acting normal, the feeling of being trapped stayed with me forever and I grew up with it never realizing what was it until I saw the movie. that's when I understood why I always feel like I don't belong in cities, or with these people..why do I feel alienated.And why I have made this secret plan of leaving everything and going onto mountains and starting afresh.Her character spoke to me, showed me what even I couldn't see. and at the end of the movie, I envied her cause she was finally at a place where I wish to be.Lastly, it's a person!She's is a real-life Highway protagonist you may say. A blogger named Payal, her insta handle is Uzumaki!I've been following her since the day she started her page.She's is living my dream every day, she is from Pune, left her corporate job and came to the mountains to start afresh and never went back.She did freelancing and now runs a Pg and a cafe along with her 4 dogs.She is not exactly the reason why I won't opt for a mountain lifestyle but I do look up to her and tell myself that one day I'll do it too.You asked why I want to pursue this or choose mountain life.Well, I've traveled around and cities and even the people of these cities have made me feel alienated. It like how my close friends tell me that I'm an old soul and don't belong in this fast-growing concrete forest, I belong in a real forest and real people.And this fellowship is definitely one step closer to really make it true

What are you expecting out of this fellowship/Dreamers Retreat?

I have shared my dream and story as much as i could, there is still so much to it but this fellowship for me seems to be the first step to achieve my dream. The dream of living and building my own independent business and life in mountains. I expect this fellowship to be my guidebook to help and teach me how to actually achieve my dream.

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