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Vaishali- Working in Legal Tech Startup

Sometimes I dream to live in a small village, own a cute cosy house, grow and cook my own food, earn some money through financial market and relax. On others, I want to change the status quo, oh of so many things, like patriarchy, the legal system and our relationships with our bodies. And when I dream of this, I know that I can be of help to so many people out there, like people in law schools, not wanting to get stuck in Lit-Corp fight and you know, how they can change things too, how if I am a rebel, will help people in very close proximity to me, at least, look at their lives with a lot more freedom, and how nobody else is ever told that they are not enough. And I believe these are possible, very much possible, if I am able to put in the right amount of efforts, in the right manner.

Why Mountain Entrepreneurship matters to her?

For me, its like the best of both worlds. Creating something of my own, in the mountains, what else would I need for a happy life! EVERYDAY. I feel I want to own a cafe with my best friend in the mountains and have the best life ever (like a lot of other people, I know :p). But more than that I think there's so much potential in the mountains. If people like us, equipped with knowledge and zeal can reach to these places to help people there, we would actually be giving back to the Earth and the society. I am sure these places have their own share of hardships which I am might now realize sitting in a landlocked State but that also gives me an opportunity to look at things from a different perspective. I went for a WORKAWAY thing in Raiwala, a village near Rishikesh, to teach students for a month. And man, I loved every bit of it. I was so excited to wake up and follow the same routine everyday. I, personally, don't like extravagant lifestyle and for me, its all about can I get my 8 hours of sleep, EVERYDAY!

Why she wanted to join Dreamers Retreat ?

I am just very excited by the concept of it and meeting like-minded people (how often do we get that). And more than that, I want to learn how entrepreneurship works and you know, exploring a new idea and working on a new project.

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