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Expressive Art Therapy

Having Healthy body & mind is the first step towards any action. Mindfulness, Self Unleashing and more is included in the program by UNESCO certified Expressive Art Therapist-Varsha

Know your Facilitator

Varsha Punarvasu, A Eclecltic Psychologist, CID-UNESCO certified Expressive Art Therapist, Mindfulness Practitioner and a Social Worker. Strongly believe that each individual has the ability to become self-aware and overcome challenges in their own unique ways.

Founder of Soulit - a platform for online/offline workshops and one-on-one counseling sessions, currently associated with Fortis Hospital and has gained experience working with children, corporates, adults and severe mental illnesses. She has conducted over 80+ workshops across India and has been associated with organizations like Met-life, Fortis Hospital, AU Bank, NTPC, Google Summit, Experiential Living Projects, Shoonya Festival, TACFAB and so on for the past 5 years . Aims to use creative and mindful techniques to help Explore, Express, Introspect and Accept.

A customized therapy, designed exclusively for Dreamers Retreat.

Turning your dreams into reality is a beautiful journey which requires the solid foundation of belief and conviction in yourself. In this journey of yours, I am here to help you unleash yourself from the doubts, baggages or uncertainty and help you move forward with the clarity of thoughts, awareness of self and the power of intrinsic motivation through multiple activities and sessions, which will include understanding evidence based psychological theories as well as the philosophical and alternative healing techniques.

We will work on the humanistic and compassionate ways of achieving your dreams with interactive sessions for self-realization, emotional regulation, understanding thoughts and inculcating the techniques of mindfulness in your daily life for optimum productivity.

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