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Snow Capped Mountains

20th November 2023-

25th November 2023

A detail guide to the week long retreat including daily schedule.

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Read the experiences of Dreamers 2021 from the Fellowship(Now Retreat)

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Kaushal, Mumbai

In the month of march, Kaushal from Mumbai felt strongly about opening a hostel. And during his exploration, he came to know about Experiential living and its multiple projects, and found himself applying for

the fellowship after a few days, and started considering Himachal Pradesh as a future option. The curriculum of the fellowship helped him a lot in clearing his doubts. And would like to pick up qualities from each of the fellows and work on himself. He proudly says that every person in the fellowship would be part of his dream in some way or the other.


Suvats, Dehradun

Coming to Suvats Awasthi’s experience, he came across this fellowship through his wife. He and his wife have been thinking about doing something in the hospitality sector in the mountains for a long time now. As soon as he came across the fellowship, he applied for it instantly. He felt he was reliving his college days. Where he connected so well with others and worked hard to fulfill a common goal. The fellowship provided him with a lot of insights. And is taking back a few special moments that he will hold onto for a long time.


Tanushree, Mumbai

When Tanushree from Mumbai, came across the fellowship. She was already going through a tough phase. And considering it felt very distant to her. She was fearful to dream and luckily, every word of the offerings of the fellowship resonated with her. She is glad, she gave it a try and learnt so much in a short span of time. All of us are going through challenges but every one of us dares to dream. And that’s all that matters. She says at the end.



Shynee Singh from Yamuna Nagar, was eagerly looking for a way out. And without any second thoughts went for it and travelled solo for the first time. In the beginning, she felt uncertain about it. But happily, says that the fellowship was one of the best experiences she ever had. The fellowship introduced her to lifelong learnings and friends


Archana, Nagpur

One of my friends convinced me to apply for the fellowship. Interestingly, I was the only one who got selected out of all my friends who applied. Archana Patil from Nagpur recalls. She says, initially, she was only looking for a change.  She felt the need to interact with people from different backgrounds. Someone out of her work circle.  So, there she was, in the mountains. Looking for an opportunity to start something in her country that she is very proud of. The fellowship turned out to be a great experience for her. She is now more focused and wants to unload herself and focus on the things that really matter to us.


Jyotsna, Delhi

Jyotsna Borgoyary from New Delhi, was looking for something new and fresh. And was very sceptical about joining the fellowship. She just went along with it and slowly found herself opening up to the people. And after the sessions started, she felt that she now had a checklist in her hand. A list of things she was not aware about. And now can confidently take steps according to that list during her planning process. She feels happy to have a refreshed contact list. And is very glad that the fellowship introduced her to mature people who are unique in their own way


Manisha, Dehradun

Manisha from Dehradun, felt that she was aware of the path one needs to take up for a mountain dream. But through the fellowship, various elements and even the interactions she had got filtered out. And because of that filtration, her concepts got cleared and she realised the importance of getting along with the right people at different stages


Arshiya, Gurgaon

Arshiya from Gurgaon considers herself as an introvert. And personally, she found it difficult to form bonds in the beginning.  But after she opened up and put herself out there, she realised that she shared the same vision as others. The fellowship provided her a platform to identify herself and share a common space with the people that were warm, welcoming and had big dreams.



Neeraj Menon, recalls that he came with no expectations but after one conversation later, experience took off for him. He is satisfied that all the knowledge he gained about the Himalayan region will not go to waste. Overall, he had an amazing experience. And he will forever cherish the moments spent with all the team members.



Simran from Siliguri, has been following Eliving for a long time. And was very much interested in the way they were doing things. But, always felt incapable of doing something similar herself. She was very happy when she got selected and was ready to take on the journey ahead. The travel and first few days turned out to be challenging. She found it hard to cope up. But with the help and support of other like – minded people she felt comfortable and lucky to bond so well with others. She is taking back the learnings and ready to take the small steps towards her dream.


Anuj, Delhi

Anuj Maheshwari from New Delhi, shares that the learnings acted as a reality check for him. He got introduced to so many challenges that he wasn’t aware of. And will always cherish the connections he formed with other participants.


Daman, Noida

Daman Preer Singh from Noida, shares that this fellowship slowed his time and gave him space to introspect. He found the sessions very helpful. And got to know about the hard work that goes into the mountain dream. The fellowship gave him more clarity about the steps and answered his questions about how and where to do it.  



Kosha Shah, from Mumbai was very sceptical about the whole experience. And didn’t consider herself as a lovable person. But I decided to come with an open mind. After time moved on and everyone overcame the challenges together. She realised she can still make friends. And shared different values and equations with everyone. After a point, when she opened up to others. She felt liberated. Because of the fellowship, she now has prospects for her project. And is eagerly looking forward to taking the next big step.  



Devasahayam from Chennai, was optimistic about the learnings. In the back of his mind, he felt he could not mix well with others. But keeping aside his reserved nature, he stepped in and had some wonderful conversations. Despite the initial difficulties, he had several doubts about mountain entrepreneurship. In the end, he got a clear picture of what goes behind and is going to experiment with his learnings ahead


Shivang Gautam from New Delhi, was not clear about his expectations from the fellowship. And felt that his experience was very different from others. Because for him, getting along with multiple people is quite troublesome. The fellowship for him was magical and he loved how real and pure the sessions and people were.

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