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Autumn Forest

This November, A unique mountain retreat for Dreamers who want to escape corporate shackles for an unsurpassed experience and an opportunity to be themselves.

Designed & Facilitated by Rahul Kumar,
Creator at Experiential Living Projects

A Program exclusively designed by the creator of Mudhouse Experiential Hostels, Experiential Living Projects, The Dreamers Project & The Fika Homes 

Rahul is a full time dreamer, who travels, gets inspired, create or co-create offbeat, unique and meaningful spaces, mostly in the mountains, loves hosting people and creating more and more experiences for them. Out of his multiple careers, he bacame a teacher in covid, when Rahul, along with Tripoto, designed a course called How to open a Homestay? and it got such an overwhelming response then Rahul designed an entrepreneurial residency over his years of dream called Dreamers Fellowship. Rahul has worked in different capacities in over 50+ creative entrepreneurial residency programs and was able to help others to the extent that they've started their own offbeat & experiential lifestyle & travel communities too. 

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